The New Vision

Due to COVID-19, myself and Aaron Fricker have sat down and talked through our plan for the future of this company. During this talk, we have decided to make some big changes.

Firstly, a change of supplier has been made to meet our current and future demands. We can now guarantee that this change in supplier, ensures quality and a more accurate time frame of estimated fulfillment and delivery. The new supplier is a much closer contact with us so our relation with our supplier will be stronger than the previously planned supplier. We decided to do this because we value our customers first impressions and their overall experience with our company.

Secondly, a change in supplier allows us to provide our own branded packaging with every single order and add our own promotional material in packages. We think that every customer should feel excitement when opening up one of their parcels from us and we want to provide that excitement which customers crave.

Thirdly, once again due to the change of the supplier, we have had to postpone the release of 2 of the planned collections. This does not mean they are gone forever, this means they will drop in the future so please keep your eye out for them. We decided to do this because we believe to make the best positive and efficient start, reducing the workload for us and our supplier will be beneficial during the start-up of our company.

We think these change will benefit the company massively during this current situation and throughout the future of this company - we hope that you agree with us too.

Remember to Build Confidence, Destroy Judgement and Spread Positivity.

King regards,

Harvey Perry.


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